Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Tread On Moi

Ned "Beans" Simms informs Sen. Arlen Specter that he'll reject any health care reform that might quiet the strange noises inside his head.

Later, "Beans" began choking on a Slim Jim. Here he shakes off a man trying to help him, insisting that the Heimlich Maneuver is "downright socialism!"

Myra Lords of Alhambra, California tells her Congressman that socialized medicine will degrade the human condition, turning people into crazed animals who cannot reason or hold more than one thought at a time.

Many right-wing mimes also oppose any change in the health care system. Here a member of the Oliver North Players performs "Aborted Fetus In A Box" in response to a question about flu shots.

Dr. Calvin Mertz says that "Obamacare" will adversely affect his thriving medical practice.

Tim Kreiger explains to Police Officer Ken Manning that if Obama's health care plan becomes law, excessive government regulations will hamper his ability to fly.

Over the last quarter, the number of clueless white Americans rose by thirty-seven percent.