Monday, April 13, 2009

Restoring American Values

Navy SEAL snipers took out some Somali profiteers, and right on cue, many liberals and Obama lovers fairly creamed at their Father Leader's feet. You can find plenty of stroking on various lib comment threads; but for me, the most energetic tug jobs took place at the Huffington Post:


"Glad to see we have a real man in office, and not a kid playing dress-up soldier."

"I am so proud of President Obama and our Navy I am moved to tears. Truly, God has blessed America!"

"I'm just loving my President more and more each day, if that is possible!"

"President Obama was more effective in punishing the pirates than President Reagan was in punishing the Achille Lauro hijackers."

"The Ship of State continues to sail strongly tonight. Thank You SEALS, U.S. Navy and Commander in Chief Obama for preserving our reputation."

I especially like these last two comments, for they show, yet again, how Democrats love spilling blood, believing they can do it better and more efficiently than those evil, crazy tea-bagging Repubs. The Dems as Michael Corleone to the GOP's Sonny.

Still, the notion that Reagan was gun shy compared to robust Obama is not only historically inaccurate, at least so far, but ominous as well. Reagan oversaw mass murder on a scale that would've made Milosevic blush with embarrassment (though Saddam remained a big fan of Reagan to the end). Yet should Obama exceed the old actor's body count and devastation, many Dems would doubtless view it with pride -- a rebuke to conservative pacifist-baiting.

"Professional" killing makes numerous liberals moist. And as the Obamanator surpasses Bush's monthly kill rate in Pakistan, with much more bloodshed to come in Afghanistan and Iraq, only stubborn ideologues would dismiss the new president's chops. This happened to Jimmy Carter, whose war crimes go uncelebrated, and to a lesser degree Bill Clinton, who while feted for killing Serbians, never received the plaudits due him for the quiet dismemberment of Iraq.

Obama has no shortage of targets in his crosshairs. Killing Somali racketeers is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, especially since the conditions that help nourish "piracy" (a rich description coming from US politicos and commentators) are of little to no interest to those clamoring for American global "leadership" and a restoration of our noble "reputation." The energy and resource wars have found their perfect button man.