Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiptoe Through The Carnage

The one person who took any action against war criminal George W. Bush has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Once again: Throw a shoe at your country's occupier and miss -- jail. Invade another country, unleash cluster bombs and chemical weapons, torture, help incite bloody sectarian war using domestic death squads and foreign mercenaries, the death toll somewhere around a million -- retire in material comfort, guarded 'round the clock.

Still curious why Obama plans to keep Bush's perks in place?

Oh, but this is an old story, so fucking old that it's a cliché wrapped inside a newspaper. Besides, how many Americans really care about Muntadhar al-Zeidi? (I do hope that Rick Perlstein's happy.) We've got our own problems.

Michael McLendon's ballistic freak out in Alabama is the most recent feature of the New Depression; and while murderous rampages are as American as bad spelling, historical ignorance, and obesity, McLendon appeared especially vexed due to financial stress. Why merely smoke yourself when you can drag nearly a dozen others into oblivion? It's sort of like a shared calling plan, only the minutes are extremely limited and terror-filled. And being loyal, McLendon didn't forget his family, killing his mother, aunt, uncle and grandparents in the bargain.

I guess McLendon couldn't wait for Obama's magic to kick in. Well, more socialism for the rest of us!

How is it that so many people who know a killer never see it coming? The guy's always "quiet" and "polite." Then, out of nowhere --- THRRRRRP! Zero to 90 in five seconds. Surely there must be some early sign of snapping. McLendon apparently kept a People Who Wronged Me list. I wonder if he ever said to an imagined tormentor, "You're on the list!" If so, there's another catchphrase that'll clear schools and get you questioned by police. I only pray that some twisted soul isn't planning to initiate a mass killing by uttering, "Yes we can!"