Friday, March 20, 2009

Code Mute

In yesterday's vid spiel, I mentioned the lack of serious anger over the ongoing financial rape we continue to tolerate. Here's a perfect illustration of what I mean. Code Pink appeared at the AIG hearing conducted by the House Financial Services Subcommittee, waving some signs expressing their displeasure. Chair Paul Kanjorski admonished Medea Benjamin and friends, ordering them to behave or be thrown out. So how do these "radicals" react? By meekly surrendering their signs and keeping their mouths shut. Pitiful.

If you fancy yourself a radical activist, and you want to bring whatever heat you can to a given situation, do you submit so easily? These motherfuckers are robbing you in broad daylight. The political class represented by Kanjorski (and Barney Frank, who backed Kanjorski) is looking for ways to help the financial class overcome this PR debacle, and hearings are usually the best method of repair. How do you think Iran/Contra became a footnote? All the more reason for Code Pink or whomever to disrupt this slow-motion charade and force them to drag you out.

What the fuck happened to civil disobedience? Class war is openly being waged on us. We may not win, but at least go down fighting, and perhaps put some fear in these criminals. I wonder if Bush or McCain were in the White House, Code Pink would be so polite and obedient. It appears that Obama has liberals and some leftists right where he wants them -- to the degree that he gives them any thought, of course.