Monday, February 23, 2009

Diversion You Can Believe In

What's more fun than mocking rubes? It's a time-honored liberal sport, a fine way to make one feel superior while groveling before the same nationalist superstitions. And I suppose that's what irked me most about Alexandra Pelosi's short film, "Right America: Feeling Wronged" -- the idea that We The Evolved hold saner ideas about American politics.

Yes, many of the people who spoke to Pelosi appear to live in the Bizarro World. And no, I wouldn't want to spend much time in their presence. I witnessed enough of this growing up in Indiana, so I'm well acquainted with the mindset. There are millions of Americans who have no idea what the fuck's going on. So what? Is that terribly surprising? A recent Gallup poll suggested that only 40 percent of Americans believe in evolution. Some people I know find that frightening. I'm amazed that nearly half the country buys into science at all. Let's take what we can get.

Films like Pelosi's serve as fat, soft punching bags for liberals. But one could easily turn the camera on them and expose all manner of political mythology and faith-based opinions. Obama's PR assault during the election inspired religious-like devotion to the Dem ticket, and to Obama especially. CHANGE and HOPE became the liberal mantras, and attempts to cut through this bullshit oftentimes elicited angry, hurt responses. I personally encountered several Obama supporters who literally covered their ears so as not to hear my "cynical" position. Most eagerly grabbed the sucker bait and have yet to let go, though a few here and there are showing some belated remorse, which is why Pelosi's film is a handy diversion.

"Obama may have lied about rendition, but hey, look at that stupid redneck! At least I don't sound like him!"

Actually, liberal rubes usually sound worse. Numerous right wingers may be out of their minds, but many of those interviewed by Pelosi acknowledge their limitations, saying they don't care what the facts are or what others think. I appreciate their honesty. Numerous liberals maintain that they know the truth, are on the side of reason, and if you don't share their political views, there's something deeply wrong with you. I suspect this attitude will worsen as the Obama age rolls on, unless the failing economy knocks liberals down to redneck status.

Who does Alexandra Pelosi represent in the first place? She's part of an elite political consensus where average people's concerns not only don't matter, they're at best background noise used for polling purposes, or in Pelosi's case, entertainment value. Here Pelosi's all chummy with Sean Hannity while promoting her film. As the old joke goes, politics is showbiz for ugly people. After watching this clip, that's putting it nicely.