Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Circling The Drain

Back in the bad Bush days, when liberals were embarrassed that our empire wasn't admired, I wrote many harsh posts about the Repubs, calling them mass murderers, torturers, liars, thugs who should be tried and hopefully jailed for their numerous crimes. I also attacked rightist blogs and journals, rousing ire from their crazed readerships, my inbox filling with bile from Freepers, Protein Wisdomites, and Little Green Footballers. I engaged those who seemed somewhat emotionally stable, usually for naught, but occasionally talking one or two down from their sniper towers, agreeing to disagree, and all that jazz.

Now that Obama is Lord, and man may not have any false gods before him, it's the liberals' turn to go nuts. And nuts a fair number have gone, if my growing hate mail is any indication. I'm not complaining: I fully expect to receive these types of screeds, given what I write about imperial libs. Comes with the entre. Still, I find it funny that during the campaign, most liberals wanted nothing to do with me or my book, "Savage Mules." They didn't even want to entertain an alternative take on Obama, much less answer one. (Glenn Greenwald and Christian Avard at Huffington Post's Off The Bus were two exceptions.) Now that we're locked into a Dem era, more and more liberals are sniffing around my site, and they don't like the aroma. And like their reactionary cousins who defended Lord George W. Bush, Obamabots are letting me have it, projecting all kinds of twisted reasoning at my humble frame.

Yesterday's post really stirred the lib pot. Several proggies informed me that those rednecks in Alexandra Pelosi's film deserve oblivion and scorn, that they're not "real" Americans. Sound familiar? One guy even took issue with the photo adorning my post:

"And what to day [sic] about the photo of the two unidentified people with t-shirts that say 'Sarah Palin is a cunt.'

"Ha Ha, you're so funny, aren't you Mr. Mike. I GET IT. The guy on the left looks like a faggot 'lib.' And it's proven by the fact that the girl on the right has a bottle of water. Hmm, I [sic] this is Ohio. I mean, if you don't have a brewski in your hand, you might as well be wearing a dress, right?"

Clearly some superior thinking. Those McCain/Palin rubes are no match for such insight.

And to think, there are four, possibly eight more years of these elevated views. Meanwhile, the economy continues to tank, imperial war is spreading, rendition and torture continue under different names and softer lights, but for many liberals the pressing issues are tribal identity and political obedience. Well, you get what you pay for.