Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's Meshuga!

You want crazy? Here's crazy:

Kudos to Max Blumenthal for weathering this madness. What a bunch of assholes. And I love how Charles Schumer touts Israel texting Gazans, warning them of impending missile strikes. How humane. I bet Gazans appreciate the head's up before their homes are blown to smithereens. I know I would.

Note how casually the language of terror is employed here. It reminds me of when Ed Koch called for the Israeli carpet bombing of the Bekaa Valley, but felt that the inhabitants there should be given 24 hours to flee before the bombs fell (as Mayor of New York, it was the least Koch could do). Of course, had Al-Qaida warned the workers at the World Trade Center on 9/10 what was coming the next morning, people like Schumer would've doubtless applauded the gesture. It's how civilized people communicate.