Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Soft Parade

It seems that in order to be a "good" progressive, if not a Decent American, one must remain starry-eyed about Obama, regardless of reality. How long this condition will linger is up in the air, though I doubt it will ever fade away. Too many liberals are too attached to the myth of benevolent power. They want someone to worship, to obey, confusing their conformity for "inspiration," or worse, "patriotism." Feedle fiddo foo. What you gonna do?

Once upon a time, The Nation boasted hard-hitting writers and columnists. It often proved to be a riveting read. These days, the old muckraking mag is blander and softer than ever, pre-chewed opinions served warm, making its readers feel as comfy as possible. Since Obama's election, some of The Nation's coverage has verged on the mystical. This week's cover is the sappiest yet:

I had to check twice to see if I received the right magazine.

God. Obama. Close enough.