Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Cross The Family

President Change has officially wet his beak with blood, as US air strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan delivered their usual result. While I would've preferred Obama to personally pump rounds into the heads of those murdered, further proving his commitment to a new order, the president has only so much power, and must rely on drones to do the job.

I've long believed that every president should be required to kill a few civilians at point blank range, just to show his or her mettle. If you're comfortable with ordering air strikes, then capping poor women and children should be a snap. If you can't personally kill someone, you shouldn't be president. This is why John McCain was more than qualified to sit in the big chair.

But McCain was Sonny Corleone to Obama's Michael, a distinction understood by cinephiles everywhere. Obama knows the score, being a big fan of "The Godfather." Here he shares his enthusiasm with journalistic dynamo Katie Couric:

"There's that combination of old world gentility and ritual, with this savagery underneath it. And it's all about family."

Well said, Don Obama. You must save the American family the way Michael saved the Corleones. Aggressive preservation we can believe in.