Friday, December 5, 2008

Gone Daddy Gone

Sometimes the sole way to remain reasonably sane is embrace absurdity. Let it fracture your mind and knock the candles from your lids. So in that screaming spirit I share "A Show Called Fred," a 1956 London TV effort written by Spike Milligan and featuring Peter Sellers, then a strictly English personality. "Fred" is from another dimension entirely, and aired when the Pythons were still teenagers. Based on the below evidence, I'm sure some of them were watching.

And dig this crazy Mr. Magoo cartoon. I love mass media depictions of beatniks, though it was this type of caricature that sent Ginsberg to India and Kerouac deep into the bottle. Nevertheless, it makes me laugh, and I routinely talk like the mad poets in the crumbling building, another reason we should probably never meet.