Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pluralism In Action

Joe Lieberman, at the 2000 Democratic Convention:

Al Gore is a man of courage and conviction. He believes in service to America. He volunteered for Vietnam. Together, we crossed party lines to support the Gulf War.

I was there in the room when he forcefully argued that America's principles and interests were at stake in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Two weeks ago, our opponent claimed that America has a hollow military.

I must tell you, that made me angry.

America, we know better than that. Our fighting men and women are the best-trained, best-equipped, most potent fighting force in the history of the world, and they will stay that way when Al Gore and I are elected.

And Al Gore is also a man of vision and values . . .

For his entire career, Al Gore's values have guided the way he meets the challenges that lie ahead. That's why I hope you will conclude, as I have, that for his honesty, for his strength, for his integrity, and for his character, Al Gore must become the next President of the United States.

Liberal reaction: Joe Lieberman for Vice President! Put this fine public servant a heartbeat away!


Joe Lieberman, at the 2008 Republican Convention:

What we need most is not more party unity in America but more national unity!

Especially at a time of war, we need a President we can count on to fight for what's right for our country - not only when it is easy, but when it is hard . . .

John McCain had the courage to stand against the tide of public opinion and support the surge, and because of that, today, America's troops are at last beginning to come home, thousands of them, and they're coming home in honor!

John McCain will be a president that our allies will trust and our enemies will fear, and that's the kind of President we need here in America . . .

Vote for the leader who, since the age of 17, when he raised his hand and took an oath to defend and protect our Constitution, has always put our country first.

Liberal reaction: What a neocon asshole. Fuck Joe Lieberman and all that he stands for!