Monday, August 4, 2008

That's The Ticket

In order to show that they, too, are comfortable with slaughtering foreigners, many liberals are pushing Wesley Clark to be Obama's running mate. This makes political and historical sense. After all, Clark oversaw Bill Clinton's air war on Serbia in 1999, killing some 2,000 civilians with cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions, targeting numerous civilian targets, petrochemical plants and the like. With Radovan Karadzic now in the "humanitarian" dock, a Clark tie-in is perfectly timed. Not only can American libs celebrate, yet again, Clinton's aggression, they can brand themselves as "responsible" war-makers, so unlike the reckless Repubs, who've undermined our national security while besmirching our once-great name, etc.

Having Clark on the ticket puts further pressure on McCain, who couldn't even bomb Vietnamese without getting shot down, the clumsy dope. Compared to him, Wesley Clark is a progressive Übermensch who knows how to kill with stylish efficiency and a winning smile, and will do so to liberal applause.

Pro-Clark libs are also looking to disprove the perception that Democrats are jelly-spined, traitorous fags who shriek at the mere mention of violence. As I argue in "Savage Mules," this really isn't necessary, given the Party's blood-soaked history. Why, just over the weekend, another reminder of Dem carnage resurfaced, as South Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Commission pointed to US air strikes on Korean refugees in 1950-51. Not only was napalm liberally dropped on civilians, those trying to flee the attacks were strafed by American pilots. Reading the reports lends the impression that southern Korea was a free-fire zone where civilians were routinely targeted.

That certainly was the case in the North, where US aircraft firebombed countless villages and towns, incinerating untold numbers of people, which was fine, since those Koreans were part of a global conspiracy to enslave the Earth, and so had to be mercilessly exterminated. Massacres in the South were a bit more difficult to justify, but Americans are pretty inventive when excusing or denying war crimes, with liberals usually leading the way. Slap a "humanitarian" label on a mass grave, or if pressed, offer a few posthumous apologies, and all's well until the next military campaign.

While Wesley Clark cannot match Harry Truman's grisly body count, he is well within the murderous liberal tradition. Pairing him with Obama should not be seen as a defensive measure, but as a proud acknowledgement of Dem bloodletting. Stop whining, mules! Embrace your heritage!