Friday, August 1, 2008

Going Through The Motions

Did you know that John McCain is a bumbling racist oaf? A twisted old Scrooge who never saw the light? A bitter, constipated Mr. Magoo minus the comic charm? Probably just about the evilest fuckwit alive who, if elected, will destroy much of human existence as we know it?

My fellow Americans, the choice is clear. A vote for McCain is a vote for the Klan. You want that on your conscience?

As I've said before, it's hard to believe that at one time, McCain was perhaps the liberals' favorite Republican -- certainly during the Clinton years. I don't know how much McCain has changed since then; he seems like the same opportunistic, pandering pol he always was, only now he has the temerity to run against History. And as they did with Joe Lieberman, liberals have dropped McCain and are shitting on him every chance they get. He doubtless deserves it, but where was all this McCain hate back in the day? It couldn't be that most Dems operate according to partisan whims, and not on principle, could it?

John McCain must possess the worst timing and luck in American politics. He finally snags the GOP nomination, only to face a man whose momentum and place in electoral history will seemingly crush all challengers. It's like a slow white ball player trying to tag out Jackie Robinson or Larry Dobie, or some small white linebacker being dragged along by Marion Motley as the big man rumbles for another score. McCain appears totally fucked, and no matter what he tries, he sinks even deeper in the shit-scented muck. If there remains any doubt that the Republican Party despises McCain, all you need to remember is that they handed him their worthless nomination. Bob Dole's '96 run appears golden in comparison.

Many observers are amazed that McCain would use race this early in the campaign. But really, what choice does he have? McCain's only shot at winning the White House is to stir up as much racial anxiety and fear among American whites as he can. He cannot compete with Obama as a speaker, as a perceived agent of "change," and certainly not as an inspiring symbol. Obama has youth, verve, sexiness, and global appeal. McCain is still bitching about gooks. And yet, that may be his saving grace. It's a vile approach, but it could work. Never underestimate the power of personal racism. A lot of whites might not be crazy about McCain as a man or a candidate, but at least he's not black with a foreign name. You work with what you got.

As for Obama, these are very heady days indeed. In essence, he is the President-In-Waiting. This status has been thrust upon him, and Obama's embraced it without breaking stride. If this scenario not only endures, but gains in speed and strength, Obama's election will be a mere formality. This of course further proves how utterly fixed our political system remains, but if it puts a Dem in the Oval Office, most liberals won't care. Again, liberals don't oppose the system, they simply want to run it -- or at least pretend that they have any say in the matter. Once Obama's officially president, he'll have his own agenda and set of elite pressures to deal with. He won't have to cater to liberal fantasies again until 2011. This won't stop the libs on the ground from clicking their heels and crossing their fingers -- that is, when they're not slandering and sliming those who dare criticize their Father Leader. That phase is already in full swing. It will only get louder and nastier.