Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feelin' Changy

Obama/Bayh has a more lyrical ring; and had Barry picked Hillary, the base would've collectively creamed, and next week's convention would be a four-day Nuremberg rally. But Senator Change stayed deep inside the Beltway and chose Joe Biden. Hell, it was probably the old plagiarist's turn. Stick around the action long enough and your number will get called. How do you think Lewis Black became a comedy celeb?

Early indications show a general lib resignation with the ticket. This will turn into forced enthusiasm over the next week, then will swiftly become an emblem of liberal pride once McCain aims both barrels at the Dems and the polls remain tight. Liberals are creative when rebranding their leaders. The Nation's John Nichols is off to a fast start, looking for positive traits amid Biden's pro-war, pro-corporate positions.

"So Obama was left with Biden. And that made for an acceptable, perhaps even satisfying conclusion to the great veep search.

"For all of Biden's imperfections -- a charge of political plagiarism twenty years ago, a reputation for verbosity, a record of gaffes and a wrong vote to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq -- the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gives Obama what he needs.

"And there is the added bonus that Biden loves politics. He enjoys the sport of it. He's good on the stump. He's good in the debates -- indeed, when he was competing for the nomination, Biden won several of the debates. And he's comfortable campaigning in industrial cities and rural regions . . .

"Biden may not have been the perfect choice.

"He may not even have been the preferred choice.

"But he was, at least to Obama's view, the necessary choice."

Nichols is performing his institutional role -- whip up lib excitement and foster allegiance to The Ticket. There will be more of this very soon.

As I said recently, I seriously considered traveling to Demver for the party gathering, but will remain at home instead. Looks as though all the major libloggers will be there, picking up Nichols' lead and adding their own spin. And I will be here, watching the proceedings, offering my humble observations as the mules try to make the rest of our lives as happy as theirs.

PASS THE LADLE: Al Giordano's already set up his People's Temple outlet, serving generous cups of Dem Flavor Aid to scores of willing believers (helped by an old photo of a much younger Biden, trying hard to be Pierce Brosnan). As the Rev. Al put it, "And my working class soul is actually looking forward to the populist campaign that will come out of the unlikely alliance of two guys from humble beginnings against the owners of this coal mine called America." Keep a straight line, kids!