Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Demver -- Day Three

Hillary Clinton makes my skin crawl. So does her husband, for that matter. In fact, their entire political existence has been and remains one big creep show. The phony smiles and warm anecdotes masking deep authoritarian features and a willingness to murder those without power. Little wonder why so many liberals still love the Clintons -- they make killing and theft seem like a public service, almost cool. A feel-good snuff party you can share with your children. Few do it better than those two.

Hillary's speech was the standard bullshit parade. I don't know where she got the rep as an excellent public speaker. She sounds as if she's reading a huggy ducky book to first graders, which, given the weepy, open-mouthed expressions seen in the No Coke-Pepsi Center last night, probably isn't that far from the truth. In a country where real political and financial power resides at the top, the multitudes are left with fantasies and the "hope" that their rulers will treat them kindly, or sadder still, care what they think. So long as people empower the likes of Hillary Clinton, this abusive, exploitative relationship will flourish. But as I've observed many times, a lot of liberals like to be abused by their betters. They really seem to get off on it. If such a twisted arrangement didn't hit my wallet or invade my political space, I wouldn't care. I'm quite libertarian when it comes to master/slave scenarios.

Another notable Hillary trait is her shamelessness. Here's a person who enthusiastically authorized the invasion of Iraq, blood splattering her pantsuit, and remained pro-war until the wind shifted enough for her to step back from the terror and misery, using a wounded Iraq combat vet to make her look like a caring humanitarian. I'm mildly surprised that Hillary didn't have a legless vet sitting next to Bill, giving her the thumbs up while Bill stood and applauded. A missed opportunity. Still, I loved Bill's emoting on cue. The sexy war criminal is older, but he hasn't lost his dramatic touch. The teary eyes. The proud smile. The bitten lip. The slow nod. Bill's so good that he can roll out the emotional arsenal while thinking about sex spas in Thailand, or a hot, peroxide blonde in denim cut-offs sitting on a trailer porch, or fucking another rich man's wife in an Aspen condo as snow pelts the window. Dude's a pro.

All this aside, I think it was a mistake for Obama not to put Hillary on the ticket. Tactically speaking, Obama/Clinton would be a powerhouse, steamrolling a huffing, puffing McCain. Hillary received some 18 million votes, while Joe Biden was near Kucinich/Gravel territory. She and Bill know all the electoral tricks, and their devoted, fanatical base would be hyper-energized. If Hillary were a man with the same numbers, there'd be no debate. But clearly, Obama wants to appear independent and free of the Clintonian baggage.

Liberal friends of mine are making peace with Biden, forcing their enthusiasm, rehearsing their lines. "Fightin' Joe really is a progressive. He cares about working people. Yes, that's what I believe." Hey, when you're dating a whore, you've got to pretend that he's faithful to you, despite the strange smells and shifting alibis. At least with the Clintons, everyone knows their roles. Adjusting to Biden will be a bit tougher, but it will happen. Watch the lib reaction after he speaks tonight. The lube will officially be out of the jar.