Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perfect For Family Squabbles

Man oh man, am I enjoying the liberal pain over Obama's embrace of the FISA "compromise," and his timely support for beheading rapists of kids, pets, inflatable sex dolls, gas turbine engines, and anything else that'll show the rubes that Obama Means Business. Of course, there are some libs trying to make lemonade out of spilled blood, but then, there always are. Hey, someone must have the spine to prove that Dems can spy on and kill countless undesirables, which of course they can, and have since their inception.

But many of you already knew that, especially now that "Savage Mules" is readily available. I've received some nice reviews from readers so far, but this is only the beginning. In the next couple of weeks, "Mules" will be stocked in various book stores across the US and Canada (parts of England, too), just in time to provide the necessary background music to Obama's March to Victory.

A few of you have asked whether or not it's vital that "Mules" be read along to Joy Division's "Closer." Of course not. You may read it to the music of your choice or to nothing at all. However, I did listen to a lot of Joy Division while writing and editing it, as well as to Public Image Ltd. and X. But that's me. Mix and match to your heart's delight. I simply hope you enjoy it.

Again, if the majority of those who read me buy the book, it's a bestseller, or at the very least something that can't be ignored. Aren't you tired of Dem-clinging liberals cluttering the national discourse? Click on the Amazon link to the right, purchase "Mules" for the low, low price of $10.17, and put me in the fray. We might as well have some laughs before the imperial clock strikes midnight.