Friday, June 27, 2008

Cezanne Sings The Monkees

My son and I have the house to ourselves this weekend, so we're gonna do the quality time thang. Besides, I need a break from the site for a few days, but will be back with fresh cries of anguish come Monday, unless some uncontrollable urge hits before then. So set your decoder rings accordingly.

A few readers say they cannot see the right side of my blog on their screens, and thus do not have the direct Amazon link I've posted. If you are one of those readers, and have yet to purchase "Savage Mules," you may do so here. It's cheaper than a night at the movies, and contains so much sex, comedy, action, and intrigue that Angelina Jolie would be left gasping. Plus, the surprise ending will blow your ever-lovin' minds. You may never read in the shower again.

Here's a comic musical number from "A Wild Woman" (1933), featuring Bert Wheeler and the sadly-forgotten Marjorie White. It's the kind of movie I used to see at the old Thalia on the Upper West Side, sitting among 12 people, serenely baked, with nothing to do but watch double features from the 30s and 40s on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. A happy time.