Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Syllogistic Hula Hex

Back in the tank for the final tome push. Jesus, this thing is actually coming together -- how well I'm too close to say, but my editor is happy so far, tapping his foot across the pond, waiting for the remaining chapters. So posting will be light for the next 14 days. And you were expecting another crazed assault on the Dems. Silly rabbits.

To my agitated liberal friends, many of whom see me in militia camo gear, fear not: I despise the Repubs as well, perhaps even more than you. So happy to see the depressed state I inhabit hand Mitt Romney a primary victory. Michigan is now Mittwit country. Yeah, we're walking a little taller today. Still, I think McCain might've done better had he dragged around a Vietnamese kid on a chain. There are countless POW/MIA bumper stickers and flags across the rural plain, and the revenge imagery would've played big. C'mon John -- are you gonna let that Smithite pretty boy ruin what is doubtless your final run? Work to your strengths!

Also, I've added Roseanne to the roll. Together, we set the big tent aflame.