Wednesday, December 19, 2007

View From The Crate

Thanks to Chris Dodd, champion of Liberty and all other good things, the Constitution should be up and running again very soon, end of January at the latest, though the olde document may need the warmth of Spring to fully recover.

All Hail Democrat Dodd!

Jesus, what little it takes to get the libloggers dancing on their keyboards. They're like a perpetually jilted and ignored would-be lover who'll leap at any hint of recognition, however cynical or fleeting. "I just knew he cared! I mean, he does care, right? He must care!"

The crowing from the Dodd camp is ceaseless. My in-box has been hit daily by Dodd's campaign, primarily Tim Tagaris, who informs me that his master is really just about the greatest guy who ever lived, perhaps the greatest, so won't I send Dodd some money and extended online love, and let's put this Hero of the People in the White House where he can dismantle the imperial state, gut corporate power, end torture, restore civil liberties, expand health care, and gosh, whatever else seems really cool and kinda liberal (just don't mention I-s-r-a-e-l and ruin the party for everyone else).

While it's nice that FISA and retroactive immunity for the telecoms has been placed on hold for the moment, I wouldn't hold your breath for some kind of systemic cleansing. For Harry Reid and his cronies, it takes a hot issue off the front burner for the holidays, allowing them to focus on other ways to skull fuck the public. For Dodd, well, the guy has nothing to lose. Barring some McGovernite miracle, Dodd is not going to snag the Dem nomination. This allows him to be a semi-Kucinich -- not the complete model, obviously, as that would be crazy. But enough of a Kucinich that the libloggers will drool all over themselves with fantasies of re-taking power, for if there's one thing that libloggers love to do, it's wallow in political fantasy.

You can't really blame them. What do veal calves dream about as they await the abattoir blades? Hopefully, something pleasant and soothing, like the destruction of the slaughterhouse and a mass conversion to vegetarianism. In the veal crate, all you have are your dreams.

I toured the major lib sites yesterday, anonymously conversing with various Dems all atwitter over Dodd's heroic stance. Any minor mention of the actual system and how it realistically functions made many of them angry and upset. They railed about "defeatism" and seemed to honestly believe that Dodd's action is the first step to national salvation. Several, blog tenders included, praised Dodd's "patriotism." Man, you know you're fucked when the so-called political "opposition" plays the patriot card. They appear to think that patriotism is wholly compatible with real social change. It's a bit like asking the slaughterhouse worker for a kiss just before he puts the hammer gun to your temple. Hey, every positive gesture counts.

Meantime, in the chambers overlooking the farm, the Democratic-controlled Senate has approved another $70 billion for imperial war, with the Democratic-controlled House expected to follow today. The blades keep spinning. The walls remain coated with blood. Feed on that, veal calves.