Monday, December 10, 2007


Back to work on "Savage Mules," and do I have some serious timing problems to negotiate and solve. Sure, I've got 1828 to 9/11 pretty much covered, as well as the years following the '03 invasion of Iraq. But day after recent day, the Dems' ongoing collusion with the war and torture state appears even worse than we who despise the mules first imagined; the trick is laying it all down without it seeming dated by mid-'08.

I probably shouldn't worry. There are so many acts of Dem criminality that listing, say, a dozen will more than make the point. Still, you want it as fresh as possible, and come primary season, Hillary, Obama, and Edwards, if he's still around, will utter some really rancid, imperial bullshit, too late for use in my book, but if things go well, I can add all that to a revised edition.

The current "news" that assholes like Nancy Pelosi have no problem with torture has sent many a liblogger crying into cyberspace, "Why? How?" Oh man, if I wasn't still hurting from recent personal events, I'd really be laughing my ass off right now. And I especially love it when libs get all constitutional and moral as the bald, unblinking face of the U.S. state stares right at them. They clutch their blue security blankets, close their eyes, sing "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee," hoping that a better world will emerge once their mystical ritual is complete.

Systemic analysis? Acknowledgement that perhaps American political reality is wholly different than their fantasies about constitutional order? Forget it. That's for Naderite losers. Besides, putting more Dems in office will increase the chances that someone good and decent will restore America's greatness. Because all was hunky-peachy before Bush/Cheney ruined everything. Can I get an eeee-hawww?