Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quick Thanks

To Appalachian State, who stunned Michigan and the entire college football world by beating the heavily-favored Wolverines, 34-32, on opening day, in Ann Arbor, right down the street from my house.

Oh, to see the dejected maize-and-blue frames slink by to their cars parked in my neighborhood. It was a beautiful sight.

You see, Michigan football locally is, if not fascistic, pretty close to it. When the season arrives, you are drowned in insufferable attitudes and behavior, a climate in which children are openly, knowingly indoctrinated. Yes, there are other campus towns that may very well be worse (hello, Columbus, Ohio), but my family and I live here, pay taxes here, endure the madness here. And today, the big Wolverine machine was knocked on its ass. Huzzah. I don't know how much breathing room Appalachian State bought us, but it's a start. De-nazification is a slow process.

Next week -- go Oregon!