Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Drive

The teen and I are about to leave for Indy, to help bury my grandmother, Mickey Cannaday, who died late-Wednesday afternoon. Not that we'll do any shovel work, of course, but we'll assist in spirit, alongside many relatives from my mother's side of the family.

Mickey would be 84 today. She died in her sleep after laying down to take a pre-dinner nap. Not a bad way to go -- in your sleep, in your own bed. Mickey was not sick, wasn't battling any prolonged illness, and still had her wits about her. The only thing afflicting her was osteoporosis, which made her a walking 7, and which she cursed as she made her way to a chair, where she'd sit straight up and engage you.

I last saw her just a few weeks ago, when I was in Indy for my father's wife's birthday bash. Not only was Mickey mentally alert, she went off on Bush, the war, how much she supported Barack Obama's campaign, and related topics. She was a New Deal Democrat, remained true to the faith, which rankled plenty of people on my mother's side, the majority of whom are pretty rightwing. Mickey didn't care, and seemed to take great pleasure in reminding them how awful and criminally idiotic the Bush administration is. My grandmother and I didn't agree about everything, but I did respect her political passion, though I didn't have the heart to tell her that my next book is an attack (laff-filled!) on the Dems as a war party. Yet, somehow, I don't think she'd mind. Mickey was secure in her beliefs, and a brash little tome by her grandson would do little to shake her up.

My sister and mother suggested that I write Mickey's obit for the Indy Star, which I did, keeping the tone serious but not somber. I was slightly amazed by all the social work and activism Mickey performed throughout her life, her main concern being women who are domestically abused. She helped to run various support centers for women who had no where else to go, and did what she could to get political support for her efforts. Good on her. She did much more, but that, to me, is her true highlight.

I'll be gone for a couple of days, so no new posts until Tuesday. Aloha.

ALSO: My friends Barry Crimmins and Karen Crist mourn the loss of their beloved dog, Lloyd, who died Saturday morning from cancer. They gave Lloyd the best care and the deepest love any sentient being could ever desire, especially when facing the end. My heart goes out to them.