Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our National Pastime

Screened "War Made Easy" the other night, and while it's infuriating and frustrating to watch, I highly recommend that you do just that. The docu is based on the book by my old FAIR colleague and friend Norman Solomon, who is the film's featured speaker, and is narrated by the reactionaries' favorite Hollywood celeb, Sean Penn. Not only does "War Made Easy" show the utter contempt both the Repubs and Dems have for average Americans, it demolishes any lingering notion that our corporate media is somehow "leftist." Not exactly pressing news, but reminders are always welcome.

The trailer gives you the film's flavor:

And here's a nice segment about Sen. Wayne Morse, who voted against US plans to attack Vietnam, based on, dare I say it, actual, constitutional grounds. What a dinosaur.