Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fiver Gets Politicized

Jon Schwarz, when not weeping for the umpteenth time over the bunnies in "Watership Down," occasionally knocks the ball so far out of the park, he is accused of steroid use. Well, I seriously doubt that Barry Bonds can match Jon when it comes to exposing the lies used to sell the Iraq invasion (which I suppose makes me a racist, but damn it, someone has to state the obvious). His latest post is must-must reading. If you haven't seen it yet, stop looking at this empty collection of words and get over there now. Then spread it around where you can. Let's see if all you who lurve Glenn Greenwald (and yes, I got all of your lay-off-Glenn mails) can convince your hero to link to Jon, who does Greenwald about ten times better with this. Go on! Get busy!

UPDATE: Greenwald linked to Jon's outstanding post. Keep hope alive, or something or other . . .