Sunday, August 19, 2007


Barry Crimmins is one of the funniest and sharpest minds I've ever encountered -- and I've rubbed shoulders, traded quips, shared drinks, and talked at length with some pretty heavy hitters in the American comedy world (along with a few Brits like Michael Palin and Rik Mayall). Chatting with Barry is a treat, the bonus being that unlike most comics, Barry feels no need to top you, to have the last one-liner. This is partly due to the fact that Barry can talk sports and politics, from the politics of sports, to the blood sport of politics, but mostly because Barry is down-to-earth. I've rarely come across a comic who shares his feelings as freely as does Barry. Most comedians see that as weakness. It happens to be Barry's strength, and it informs his humor and satire.

Recently, Barry and his partner Karen received news that their dog, Lloyd, has a malignant tumor on his heart. This devastated them both, for Lloyd is not only like a child to them, he is their closest friend. Barry has written a series of posts devoted to Lloyd, and they are extremely loving and heartfelt. They remind you of what we're supposedly about, apart from the lies, cheating, torture, killing, (dog fighting), and theft that makes up a day's news reading. Take a moment today and read them. Trust me, it's better for you than the New York Times.

And while I'm recommending heartfelt posts, here's the wife's beautiful portrait of our son. She captured the boy as he really is: a positive light in this damp shit world.