Friday, July 20, 2007

Sanity's For Suckers

A certain malaise is spreading in our little corner of the 'sphere. The seemingly-tireless Arthur Silber, who has laid out the stark criminality of this system in great detail, is now laid out himself, suffering physical maladies. Jon Schwarz, who brings it from so many angles it makes your eyes sting, is currently questioning his online efforts and wonders if it's truly worth it. And as for your humble narrator, it's been a couple of weeks in a dark emotional tunnel from which I'm starting to emerge. Only Chris Floyd seems untouched, but when reading Chris' output, I don't see how he's not screaming in the dark.

Blogging from our positions has proved taxing. The deeper we dig into our present reality, the more depressing it gets. We're living in a genuinely terrible time -- in my view, a uniquely horrible time. And there's more horror on the horizon. Many bloggers avoid this by clinging to political fantasy -- in the lib case, that the Dems will save us and make it all better, if only we elect them and give them the chance. Others avoid serious political issues altogether and write about their favorite pop culture moments or about their personal lives. I don't blame them. Lord knows I do enough of that myself. But as you regulars are aware, I also dive directly into the madness and misery, trying to find a satirical angle that hopefully will make the poison go down without too much bitter aftertaste. I fail more often than not, but every once in a while, I achieve what I set out to do. When it works, it's great. But it takes a lot of effort, and one's sensitivities are constantly assaulted. Blogging is hardly a sweet, prestigious, much less profitable gig.

Please keep all this mind when reading Arthur, Jon, and me. There are other projects I'm pursuing, different outlets I'm hoping to use. But for the time being, I'll remain here and do what I do, when I'm not drinking grain alcohol under the blanket, 70s arena rock blasting from my stereo.