Monday, July 23, 2007


Unlike many libloggers, I don't get bent over the latest rightwing media screech and shout. That's who they are. That's what they do. They are a distraction from more pressing political/social issues, which is why the corporate "liberal" media gives them a regular national platform. Consider it an institutional feature. Still, given all that, reactionaries can provide some passing amusement, and perhaps the most consistent clown on this front is David Horowitz.

I've tangled with DHo before -- he's none too bright and fairly easy to handle. But what's really funny is how DHo, when effectively countered or simply mocked, will assume the role of political victim. He'll complain about being ganged up on, that he's not operating on a level playing field, i.e., that he doesn't have the monopoly of media time. At bottom, DHo is a lightweight who cannot politically defend himself when the going gets rough.

Here's a perfect example of this, and I'm happy that my friend and former radio co-host Laura Flanders did most of the honors. Her laughter in the face of DHo's cry-baby bit says it all.