Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Room For The Weak

The Somali teen fake terror plot, followed by the latest WikiLeaks release, pumped some needed juice into our wobbly mind-fuck machine. Not that it will last. Happily, fresh horrific threats to our consumer paradise will arrive to show how much we need our masters' protection, how we must celebrate police state measures, for unless we surrender whatever rights remain, we'll be slaves to Sharia, public beheadings replacing the NFL.

Actually, if marketed correctly, stadium beheadings could become the new national pastime. Guard against concussions, and the rest sells itself.

I often worry that my mind has snapped, that everything I perceive is merely a personal nightmare. Yet I've had enough hallucinations to know the difference, which is a recurring feature of hallucinating: it sharpens objective reality to a gleaming edge. This can shatter weaker souls, and I've danced on that edge many times. But I'd like to think this has strengthened me, or at least acclimated me to breaking points. I've seen people I respect fall off and never return, their fading laughter the final note. I've never felt the urge to dive in after them.

Who's crazier: our rulers who speak to us as if we're mentally challenged, or those who take their words seriously? The FBI bragging about how they stopped a phony terror blast that they concocted is certainly maddening, but the feds wouldn't try this unless there was an audience for it, as there clearly is.

Americans are so steeped in fantasy that FBI stunts like this make sense. I've read numerous news comment threads, including the august New York Times, and there are countless people who not only buy the FBI's rationale, they add fictional touches of their own, spinning terror tales that end with American body parts strewn across our fruited plains while Mohammad's disciples laugh, stroking their beards.

Given certain reactions, you'd think we were under continual siege, huddled together in bomb shelters where lights flicker and ceilings shake with each aerial assault. Of course, the real siege isn't Islamic, but corporate. The 9/11 plotters not only helped write a blank check for perpetual war, they gave the corporate/military state endless excuses to shake us down. I'm surprised that the TSA doesn't show constant loops of the Twin Towers being hit and collapsing on large screens above security checkpoints. Any dissenting traveler could be instantly shamed into accepting prisoner status. "Is that what you want, sir? 'Cause that's what happens when I don't irradiate your body!"

Arms up, legs spread. Do as you're told. After all, 'tis the season of giving.