Monday, January 4, 2010

Hopi Newt Yeah

After promising you, dear readers, a personal, political review of the past decade, and delivering three installments, urgency and interest have left me. A fourth installment is in storage, gathering cyber dust. I pick at it, prune its edges, tighten its flow, but feel no need to post it. Much of it says what I've said many times before, new wrinkles here and there. I don't divulge everything each time out. But I figure, why belabor the point? I think most of you have already gotten the message.

Going through some emotional upheaval as well, which tends to limit my posting. So let me pull my thoughts together, and we'll kick start this decade with crazy ass shit that'll inspire wonder, humility, and the growing awareness that ants are not only talking to us, but offer a viewing package that puts Comcast and Direct TV to shame. It's there for the taking. Tenacious D understands.