Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barack Landers

Despite the damage, death, and insanity, the Bush years were very good to American liberals. Not only was Bush a cash cow for liberal concerns, his dreadful presidency guaranteed that any Democrat succeeding him would look brilliant by comparison. Hell, libs would blow and gratefully swallow a President Lieberman if it came down to it, but happily for them, they have sleek, sexy Barack to suck on. And baby, you can hear the slurping from coast to coast.

I know it's early, and that many liberals are still pinching their nipples, but for fuck sake, is this how it's gonna be every time Obama opens his mouth?

OBAMA: "I have confirmation that our brave combat pilots took out 90 suspected terrorists in Herat, and while a large number of the dead are unfortunately women and children, this necessary strike helps to ensure that Afghanistan is not a launching pad for attacks against North America."

LIBERALS: "Oh God! That voice! That posture! Such command! Such intelligence! I . . . I think I'm gonna come . . ."

Here, Mark Wahlberg gives a sense of how Obama gets liberals hot.

But I think that Mike Judge cut closer to the molten core.