Friday, May 9, 2008

Dipshit Nation

Melissa Bruen, a recent UConn grad, was assaulted by a group of young men during her final days in school. She was grabbed, groped, and pushed around, finally freeing herself by throwing punches then running off, finding a friend in a crowd.

What's remarkable about this story is that it's unremarkable. Women are assaulted every day, every hour, doubtless every minute, somewhere in this great land. And while this is nothing new, the general culture, at least to my aging eyes, has coarsened to such a degree that a lot of young men feel no compunction about denigrating, hitting, slapping, groping, or even raping a woman. That most of these guys are sad, sick fucks insecure about their penis size, sexual orientation, or sense of virility is only part of the twisted story. More and more they are encouraged to view women as cunts both through peer pressure and what is amusingly called "men's media."

Of course, there are many factors to consider when talking about sociopathic assholes; but for me, talk radio, primarily sports radio, encourages the dumbest to behave the lowest, making stupidity appear masculine and hard core. Whenever I hear hosts and callers trying to out-primate each other, which is pretty much a daily deal, Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" seems more and more like a documentary than comic fantasy. Nobody wants to be a fag or a pussy, so every dickhead tries to trump another in a pathetic race to the bottom, monosyllabic insults grunted all the way down. And, surprise, surprise, the idiot demographic is a large, lucrative one, so there's no end in sight, just as long as these morons keep buying into the stereotype that's been erected around them.

I say all this as a recovering dickhead myself. While I've never hit a woman (although women have hit me, a couple of times really clocking me with a punch), I did, when younger, share some of this apish outlook, and so recognize the vibe when I see it. Hard to avoid as an American male. And it's only getting worse. Barack Obama may talk about bringing change and hope to the larger population, but there's a sizable chunk of frightened men who place themselves outside of such "feminized" concepts. They'd suck a cock before being called a cocksucker by their buddies, which, given the grimmer alternatives, isn't so bad. Just watch the teeth and try not to sneeze.