Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mouthpiece Fun

After the initial shock of JFK's assassination, the American media settled into Official Mourning Mode, establishing the tone for the viewing public to follow. Walter Cronkite, who nearly lost it on camera when announcing Kennedy's death, quickly got over the shakes and became the main model of media grief. In this clip, Uncle Walt shows his patriotic muscle while reading and responding to the Soviet take on the assassination.

For a commie symp, Cronkite really let his Moscow masters have it. Of course, it was probably all a show since communist agents like Cronkite were disciplined and dedicated to world conquest. Little did Walt know that an actor-turned-political speaker, with the help of a rich car dealer in California, was then starting the resistance, and would destroy the global plot in 25 years time.

All that aside, I love the Soviet depiction of the American south of the period: "A stronghold of racist and other fascist scum." Nice. And the beauty part, many of these strongholds still exist, south, north, east and west, and are well-represented on political and sports radio shows. And the Soviet Union? Gone, daddy, gone. Further proof of American superiority.