Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Pressed for time today, but I wanted to say a few, quick things, for clarification sake, if nothing else.

Some of you out there feel that my recent tone is a bit of a downer, a hands-in-the-air "fuck it," an admission of defeat. This isn't my intention, though it's true that I'm viewing events through darkened lenses. Despite my craziness, I try to convey my honest thoughts and feelings in this space, and there are times when I simply can't pretend that all will eventually be well. I'm no good at whistling past mass graves. If you have more hope in your heart, that's great. Truly. Somebody has to keep a positive light burning -- the more lights, the better. Maybe I'll relight mine at some point and join in. For now, all I have is this dented lantern.

I've already stated why the 9/11 anniversary makes me nuts, but there's something else as well. Many of you probably discovered this space in the past year, if not sooner. My numbers continually go up, so I'm guessing there are a lot of new readers, so all you know of me is what I've written during this period. But even those of you who've been regulars for the past couple of years, who've seen me bounce all over the place, are probably unaware of my post-9/11 warmongering, since it evaporated well before I began Red State Son in late November 2004.

Perrin a warmonger? In favor of Bush's violence? Seriously?


More on this fascinating topic tomorrow.